I heart Twitter.

I mean, really. I truly love it. I love how it forces brevity; I love the way it connects people; and I love THE PEOPLE. I wants to hug all my tweeps.

Tonight, Twitter made me love it even more because it brought a super fun writing prompt idea into my life. Here’s the story:

One of my tweeps (*waves at @bookishbritney*) posted a picture of her grandfather. It’s an awesome picture. I took one look at him and thought,”Now there’s a character.” She and I started tweeting about the awesomeness of said picture, and a brilliant idea fell into our laps.


We decided to swap pictures of our cool grandfathers, and then each write a 1000-word short story prompted by the images. We’re going to post our stories on our blogs on Sunday. How fun is this?! I’m super excited to share some writing inspiration with a Twitter friend, and am thrilled to write something other than my current work in progress.

Also, I think #worth1000words totally needs to be a thing. Who’s with me? I say every Wednesday we share pictures and team up to write awesome short stories based on a stranger/friend’s photograph! So…who’s with me?

Check back here Sunday for my story!


  • Beth H.

    LOVE it! I would totally play, but I have no blog. :(. Is the story aBoutthe pic or just that person?

    • Lindsay

      No blog, no problem! You could post on FB or just exchange stories via email. I’m using the photo just as a prompt. I know nothing about her grandfather, so I’m just going to let the muse lead where’re the muse doth lead. 🙂

  • Britney

    I can’t wait to do this! I don’t think I’ve written a short story that is only 1000 words so this will be interesting.

    • Lindsay

      I know! 1000 words is tough…a short short story. I can’t even write blog posts under a 1000 words most of the time. Will be a good challenge. 😉