Educator Resources

I keep an active list of recommended reading for teachers, librarians, parents, and anyone else who might be interested. A few important notes:

1. I do not curate my lists by age. Since every child reads at their own pace and level, I leave the decision to you–the person who knows the child–as to what is or is not appropriate for that child’s age and reading level.

2. That said, these books do not have content that might be inappropriate to children ages 8 and up. This list is meant for middle grade readers.

3. I only recommend books which I have personally read. Because of that, these lists are a bit uneven. You’ll see I read more fiction, for example, than nonfiction. However, I am always reading, and so these lists will always be growing!

4. I take reading recommendations, too! See the lists for information on how to share your recommended reads with me.

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List Titles and Descriptions

Little Reader, Fierce Reads

This is a list of picture books that deal with big topics in approachable ways.

History, Her-story, and Holy Cow!

This list of nonfiction books features history, science, biographies, and more!

On the STEM-y Side

Middle grade novels with strong elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Big Topics, Big Grace

Perhaps my favorite list, this one features middle grade novels that deal with tough topics–grief, bullying, social justice, and so much more–with lots of grace, hope and thoughtfulness.

Author and Skype Visits

School and Library Visits

Are you interested in having me visit your school or library? Please contact my publicist, Morgan Rath, at

If your school or library is in central Colorado or Northern California, please email me directly at, as I may be able to schedule a visit to these areas more easily.

Skype Visits

I offer free 20-minute Skype visits to individual classrooms, book clubs, and kids’ writing groups. This visit is a simple author Q&A and book talk. Availability is limited, so please contact me for more information at

Program Information

I currently offer two different programs for students. Both of these programs require AV equipment (a screen and projector–I provide my own computer). The shorter Wants, But, So program can be modified for a Skype visit. (This does not qualify for the free Skype visit.)

Impossible Things and Big Dreams

In this 45-minute program intended for larger audiences, I introduce kids to my debut book, All the Impossible Things, and share facts from science and history that seem impossible, but are true! This interactive session not only presents kids with amazing information, but also introduces them to real life-kids whose big dreams changed the world. By the end, your students will hopefully come to believe that their dreams matter, too, and that nothing is impossible!

Wants, But, So: An Introduction to Writing and Revising

Designed for smaller groups of up to 25 students, this 30-minute program introduces kids to me, my book All the Impossible Things, and my process for writing and revising. I walk kids through my “Wants, But, So…” method, share examples, and collaborate with the kids on the first draft of a short story.

Pricing available upon request. Please email my publicist, Morgan Rath, for more information at