Jaw Journal

Day 5: All You Need Is Love…and Condiment Bottles

Pain: 6-7

Numbness: Same.

Nausea: Bad this morning, but passed without incident. Back this afternoon after my 3 hour nap, but went away after tomato soup.

My day of socializing yesterday caught up with me last night and this morning, and my pain was the worst it’s been. After my 4 and 9 am doses of food and meds, I slept until about 11. When I woke up, my mommy had replaced Brandon as my caretaker for the day! (Brandon had to go back to work. Rats.) Good thing my mom has an iPad to keep her company…I was pretty boring and sleepy all day.

My dad came by around lunch with food for my mom…and flowers for me! Aww….sweet daddy. 🙂 He also brought over their two dogs, Frodo pup and Millie. Frodo happens to be terrified of our cat, for no reason whatsoever. She just sits there, and he freaks out and hides in the corner. Good to know I can count on him as a guard dog. 🙂

Frodo pup...hiding in a corner because the cat is sleeping on the couch.
Our old lady, Millie



















Also, I have an official announcement for all readers preparing for jaw surgery: You must buy condiment bottles!! I had gotten one before surgery, and, as I exclaimed in my most recent posts, LOVE it. My dad went to Sam’s Club today and bought me 6 more. They are the best thing EVER! The syringes just aren’t meant to be used over and over again, and have all broken and caused my husband a few bad words, and me a few shots of smoothie in the face. With condiment bottles, I have easy control over eating, and I end up eating much more in one sitting. So trust me on this one, people…condiment bottles are the way to go!

Tomorrow is my first post-op appointment with my surgeon. We called the office today to see if I should be concerned about the puss pocket thing near my incision on the right side, and they said it would be okay to wait until tomorrow. So I’m just praying it goes away on its own since…well, ew. I might get the rubber bands off tomorrow, which would be nice! We’ll see….

Well, my hubby just made me a tasty smoothie (in a condiment bottle), and I’ve a few episodes of Dick Van Dyke to watch. 🙂 Have a good night, all!


  • Gretchen

    Hi Lindsay and Brandon–I am sorry I have not checked in here yet–but have been praying daily!!!!! Our internet is so spotty here in our temporary place that websurfing is frustrating. But you have been in our hearts. My nephew, Brad, had 50 angio-lypomas removed today at UW hospital. He has over 300 at present. They are extreemly painful and sap him of all strength and not one can figure out how to treat or what to do. He has been afflicted for 2 years. But anyway– you are both tops on my prayer lists!! We hope to move to our new home this weekend. I hope today’s doc appt. went well and puss pockets are gone. Have saved this in fav-can see it mroe often. I hope you guys can come see us this summer–and we’ll eat carmel apples! love gretchen

  • Carissa

    Lindsay, there’s nothing quite like a good “Dick Van Dyke” episode while you’re healing. For me it’s usually “I Love Lucy.” Thanks for keeping us updated, still praying for you! *hugs*

  • Marilu

    Hi Lindsay,

    Your mom emailed the title of your blog, so I just finished reading it. Wow! You have been through a lot. I hope every day is better. You are still beautiful even with a fat chin. It sounds like all your friends and family are taking excellent care of their Lindsay Lackey Diane. I am wishing you well. XXOOX