Jaw Journal

Day 20: Bye bye, surgical brackets! Hello, flossing!

I went back to the orthodontist for the first time since surgery today. Can I just say that I love my orthodontist and his staff??? They’re so great and fun and supportive. Everyone made a big deal about how great I look, which of course made me feel like I look great. 🙂

The best part of my visit was that Dr. Z took off my surgical brackets! Woohoo!! I hated those things. Not only did they rip open my cheeks for sport, they also held on to food like a magnet. As little Noah says, pucky pucky (*insert adorable hand wave toward item that is pucky*). Those dang surgical brackets were nothing but gross and uncomfortable, and I’m thrilled they’re gone!

Another point of celebration: my time in the ortho chair caused me almost no pain at all!! My muscles are feeling a bit sore now, an hour later, from all the opening and stretching; but for the most part, I’m feeling pretty good. What a weird concept…I can actually get through an appointment without being in blinding pain afterward. Huh.

I also received a packet of my before photos and x-rays today. I’ll post a big Before and After thing soon!

I had Brandon snap this quick pic of my wire-free teeth after I was able to floss (blissful!) and brush (heavenly!) once they removed the brackets and wires.


Coming tomorrow….

A picture montage of the journey!