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Lindsay is the author of magical middle grade fiction, and absolutely, positively, definitely does not own too many books. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, but will always be a Colorado girl at heart. Her debut novel, ALL THE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, is coming from Macmillan’s Roaring Brook Press in 2019.

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Ever since her father read The Hobbit aloud to her before bed when she was a little girl, Lindsay has been in love with the magic of storytelling. She used to write “books” on her grandmother’s electric typewriter, then illustrate (with crayons)  and bind them (with staples) herself for distribution amongst her family. For several years, Lindsay worked in bookstores, libraries, and even in marketing at a major publisher while continuing to write books (this time on a computer) in her spare time. Now, she writes magical novels for middle grade readers. She is allergic to caffeine and mangoes, loves dogs, thinks tortoises are adorable, and unabashedly believes in impossible things.

Lindsay’s debut middle grade novel, ALL THE IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, is coming Fall 2019 from Macmillan’s Roaring Brook Press.

big bio

One of Lindsay’s earliest memories is of her father telling her dragon stories at bed time. With her toddler-sized head on his chest, she’d listen to the deep rumble of his voice spinning magic over the rhythm of his heartbeat. Now, many years later, she still associates story with life.

Even before she could read, Lindsay wanted to. She had the entire text of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree memorized by age three, and used to “read” it to her parents, turning the pages at exactly the right times. Once she was reading on her own, she read everything she could get her hands on. Cereal boxes, cassette tape and CD inserts of song lyrics, and of course, books. She loved visiting a little used bookstore near her home and running her fingers along the spines of the thousands and thousands of books crammed into that small space. She became a savvy book trader, bringing books she’d already read once or thrice into the store to trade for new ones. This way, she read nearly every Nancy Drew book in existence, along with The Baby Sitter’s ClubSweet Valley High, anything by Beverly Cleary, C.S. Lewis, Roald Dahl, E.B. White, Madeleine L’Engle, Judy Blume… the list goes on.

Of course, reading and writing were two sides of the same coin for Lindsay. She loved writing stories, and kept journals and notebooks filled with ideas and observations. After reading Harriet the Spy, she kept a notebook detailing the daily activities of her family. (“Daddy is playing ping pong. He is sweaty. Mom is talking to Aunt Lisa. Boring.”) She used to write “books” on her grandmother’s electric typewriter, then illustrate (with crayons)  and bind them (with staples) herself for distribution amongst her family. In first grade, she won an award for her storytelling skills. To this day, her mom still has the certificate with Lindsay’s name on it.

As she grew up, Lindsay’s love of storytelling expanded into theater and singing as well. She was in several high school and college productions, and even trained as an opera singer for a few years. But nothing made her heart sing quite like a good book.

After college, Lindsay worked in a used bookstore for a little while, and then in children’s and teen services at the public library. Working in children’s library services was one of her favorite jobs! She loved reading picture books to toddlers and kids, visiting schools to talk about great books, and working with other librarians and book-lovers. Lindsay loves talking about books maybe even more than she loves writing them (which is a whole, whole lot). And nothing can make her laugh like a great picture book!

For several years after the public library, Lindsay worked for one of the Big 5 publishers in publicity and marketing. She loved seeing how books were made, and was amazed by just how many hardworking and dedicated people are behind the publication of a single book. Most of the time, a book only has one or two names on the cover–but there are dozens and dozens of talented, enthusiastic, brilliant people responsible for getting each book onto the shelves and into your hands. (Not to mention the real superheroes! Librarians, teachers, booksellers, and the folks who love books so much they can’t stop talking about them on social media and blogs, too!) The book business is really a community, and Lindsay is honored to be part of its vibrant and passionate landscape.

Now, though, Lindsay is spending time focusing more on her writing, and is busily trying to grab hold of the ideas buzzing in her head like bees so she can put them into stories. Her debut novel for middle grade readers, All the Impossible Things, is coming from Macmillan’s Roaring Brook Press in the fall of 2019, and Lindsay absolutely can not wait to share this story with readers everywhere!


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