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Ever since her father read The Hobbit aloud to her before bed when she was a little girl, Lindsay has been in love with the magic of storytelling. After earning a degree in English and Creative Writing, Lindsay has spent her entire adult life working in the book industry. From a vibrant little used bookstore, to several years in children’s and teen library services, to marketing and publicity at Penguin Random House, her world has long revolved around stories written by others. Now she works as a freelance editor, writer, and book reviewer, and is grateful for the opportunity to spend time focusing on her own words for a while. Lindsay is currently working on a middle grade novel, and is an active member of SCBWI. She can usually be found procrastinating on Twitter and Instagram as @LindsayWrites.


For those of you wondering what the “jaw journal” stuff is about: I had lower jaw surgery in 2012 after more than ten years of chronic pain due to a dislocated jaw and malformed bite. I chronicled my jaw surgery and recovery experience on my blog. All posts that have anything to do with that experience are kept under the “jaw journal” menu. Hopefully my journey continues to help others who are facing a similar ordeal!



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